Episode 37: Introducing 16 year old singer/songwriter and piano virtuoso Chandler Jay

This week on Hidden talent we introduce you to Chandler Jay, a 16 year old emerging Singer-Songwriter from Brisbane.

We discuss Chandler’s music studies, songwriting, recording and performing as well as finding out all we can about his latest release ‘Meant to be’.

You will discover so much about this very talented young performer and will definitely want to listen to his first four releases available on all streaming services.

Episode 36: Introducing Caitlyn Shadbolt. From X-factor to the latest album release ‘Stages’

In this episode we talk to the amazingly talented Caitlyn Shadbolt. We discuss recording an album during covid. The release of her new full length album ‘Stages’ as well as health, songwriting and of course we ask the 5 big questions that will answer all the questions that you have about Caitlyn.

Episode 35: Introducing the talented guitarist, vocalist and music producer Tim Hacquoil and his new EP ‘See Us’ .

In this episode, we introduce you to a talented musician that started learning piano as a child. Then as a teenager, he began writing and performing his own music. After completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, he set his focus on recording and producing a solo E.P.

We discuss the EP writing and recording process as well as the value in studying music plus the origins of Bird and Mouse Productions plus so much more.

Episode 34: The talented Matt Scullion takes us on an amazing journey around Australia with his music and stories.

In this episode we spend some time with Matt Scullion, discussing the stories of his travels and his brilliant storytelling through his songs. We discover his new song “1868” that details the amazing story of Australia’s first Aboriginal Cricket Team and find out who will play the part of Matt Scullion in his Hollywood release of ‘The Matt Scullion’ story. Plus so much more…

Episode 33 – The talented Cass Hopetoun, Tamworth Country Music Talent Winner 2020

In this episode we introduce you to Cass Hopetoun, the 2020 Tamworth Country Music Talent Winner. We talk about Cass’s latest release ‘Fortune Teller’ and ‘Typical Bride’ & ‘Shots’ as well as finding out Cass’s background in musical theatre. We find out how the music video to ‘Shots’ was filmed and of course we talk about what is next for Cass.

Episode 32 – Sweet, hot and a little bit crazy, it’s time to meet the Vixens of Fall

Spending time with the Vixens of Fall we discover their new music. ‘The long game’, we talk about sisters songwriting together and of course we discover the amazing harmonies and how they create their magic sound. If you have ever wondered about the Vixen dictionary, we have the answers for you here.

Join us as we discover these 3 amazingly talented ladies..

Episode 31: We meet the amazing and talented Courtney Keil and discover the #1 single “I Just Wanna Hold You”

We meet the amazing and talented Courtney Keil and discover the #1 single “I Just Wanna Hold You”

Talented Melbourne singer/songwriter Courtney Keil takes us behind the scenes of her #1 single “I Just Wanna Hold You”. We discuss co-writing, living in Melbourne, working with The Filmery and what is happening next in the Courtney Keil musical journey.

Courtney blasted onto the Australian Country Music scene with her debut single. Born on a deer farm in South Australia, she now calls Melbourne home. In her short career, she has already collaborated with some powerhouse names in the industry and her passion and dedication, together with years of preparation have now culminated into the release of her first commercial hit.

Episode 30: With 25 cents in the ashtray, let’s go to Nashville with Katrina Burgoyne

In this episode, we catch up with the talented Katrina Burgoyne. Discussing her amazing music, the awesome latest release of ‘ 25 cents in the ashtray’ and what it is like for an Aussie moving to Nashville.

Katrina has been described as one of Nashville’s newest and most exciting up and coming singer/songwriters. Originally from Gunnedah, this two-time Golden Guitar nominated singer/ songwriter’s impressive career in the Australian music industry includes a top 10 Australian Country Music ARIA Charting album, Australian Country Music People’s Choice Award, Australian Songwriters Association Country Song Of The Year, APRA Professional Development Award, Unsigned Only Country Song Of The Year and two top 10 music videos on Foxtel Country Music Channel. Her songs have topped the iTunes chart in NZ and Australia and Shazam in Ireland.

Episode 29: Introducing ‘You so smooth’ singer, dancer, choreographer Jennifer ‘Efa’ Mackenzie

In this episode we introduce you to Jennifer ‘Efa’ Mackenzie, a talented entertainer, singer-songwriter and dancer-choreographer originally from Northern NSW. Her music is relatable and her quirky choreography is contagious in a way that makes everybody both young and old want to dance.

We talk about Efa’s first single and music video release and the excitement of moving to the other side of Australia to study Performing Arts. We discuss having super powers and what it is that makes ‘You so Smooth’.

Episode 28: We talk New Orleans Jazz and more with Cameron McCraken Smith

We spent some time with the amazingly talented Cameron McCraken Smith. We explore the world of Jazz, specifically New Orleans Jazz and we find out all about this wonderful music from a musician who is an absolute machine on the trumpet, a teacher, a songwriter and international touring artist. Join us in this adventure into the amazing world of music with Cameron.

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Peter Caddey

Peter Caddey


From a young age he has shown a fire and passion for the world of the performing arts and that passion has remained to this day. From the first moment Peter stepped on a stage he has known that entertaining audiences is where he feels most at home, he is in his element. Peter is a regular fixture at numerous local events in his hometown and his passion for the arts have also taken him to audiences in unusual places, including on the Cunard ships Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2. To take his growing skills to new heights Peter trained with the Australian Theatre for Young People and completed several courses at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney. Peter has vowed to continue performing as long as audiences will have him.

Jasmine Aleisha

Jasmine Aleisha


She started her music career at the young age of 12, at the age of 14 she released her first EP and by the age of 19 she had toured both nationally and internationally.  Jasmine Aleisha is a singer/songwriter from a small NSW Regional town in Australia. She has a unique style and voice, some say it’s unlike any other voice you have heard. She bases her sound and vibe around the Jazz and Soul genres. Her main inspiration comes from the late Amy Winehouse and also from Adele. Jasmine has a unique ability to create new songs live in front of an audience, this guarantees that everyone receives a unique experience wherever she performs. Her focus is to make music a memorable experience, not just for herself but for everyone that hears her perform.

‘The one thing I love about music is when you can see it change somebody’s mood in an instant.’ – Jasmine Aleisha 

Chris Richter

Chris Richter


Some say there is no instrument this man can’t play and if he plays it, he plays it better than most. Chris stepped into the music industry at the young age of 18 and never looked back. Now in his prime Chris is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, teacher and producer. To date he has worked with and mentored 100s of musicians, young and old. His mentorship has not only given artists the opportunities to write and record their own music, he has also opened doors for so many people to experience new things in the music industry, including giving musicians the opportunity to perform internationally. Not only does he support artists individually but Chris has organised, sponsored and produced many musical events, productions and performances to encourage and support Australian musicians and songwriters. In the last 20 years Chris has achieved more than he could ever have imagined but he won’t stop there. He has a multitude of projects coming your way.